Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It has definitely been a LONG time

Sorry all _ not sure I even have any followers at this point.  I sort of gave up on the whole blog thing...with facebook and all it seemed like I was always doing things twice.  But here we go again :)

Life is good!!  Hectic but good.  Devyn has grown up so much.  She amazes me every single day!  And I love her more and more every single day.  She loves her new school and has made some new friends!!

Sam is awesome too!  We are going through the biting stage and he has broken skin on a few kids at school so that hasn't been fun!  But he smiles through everything!  He isn't so nice to Devyn either, he bites, pushes, hits her, throws toys at her head...and Devyn always sticks up for him when I put him in time out.  He had his hearing test last week and everything looks good.  He passed the most important test...the other test he wasn't really cooperating so we have to go back in 6 months.  But the Dr isn't at all worried so we aren't either!!  Anyway here are some updated pictures.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring!!

The weather has been so nice lately!!  I really hope it holds for spring break next week!! WooHoo!!  I am so ready for a break!!

Devyn has been a pistol lately.  She has been getting in trouble in school for not listening, she tells me to leave her alone, and EVERYTHING has to do be done by herself.  But she is still fun and makes me laugh constantly.  Her new thing is saying "sure do" for everything!!  She is still a daredevil and climbs on everything.  Here we are enjoying the wonderful weather!!

Sam is still the chillest baby ever.  He only cries when he wants to eat or be held.  He does need to be held ALL the time.  We need to put a stop to that!!  He weighs about 22 lbs and is wearing clothes that probably would fit Devyn.  He can roll over and sit up and is sooo close to crawling!!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Sorry - I know it has been a really long time since I posted new pictures.  I honestly feel like I have no time to anymore.  BUT I will try and get better.  

We got slammed with snow last night and this morning... I was REALLY hoping for a snow day!

Sam just got over a  pretty bad ear infection.  His fever got up to 104.8.  Of course I was freaking out!  But he is back to himself now!

Devyn is doing the same.  Getting sassier every minute.  She wears clip on earrings and carries a purse and walks around in heels.  Here are some pictures.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It has been a LONG time!! Sorry :-)

Life has been pretty busy lately!!  I know I have been a bad blogger and I am sorry _ I will try and get better!!

Quick update on the kids!!

Devyn is a character.   Still has a pretty serious attitude...a good one but it is still there.  She is definitely a little mini me.  I feel like I am bribing her to do almost everything these days.  She is very into princesses and is pretty much ALL girl.

Sam just had his 6 month doctor appointment today.  He is 19.3 lbs and 27 inches.  In the 75% for both height and weight.  And 99% for his enormous head.  Devyn cried the entire way to school today because she knew Sam was going to the doctor and she didn't want him to get a shot!  Not sure when but at some point she became extremely terrified of getting them.   Sam does have 2 teeth and is sitting up and rolling over!!!  Yay!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WooHoo!! Last Day of School!!!

WooHoo!!  Today is the last day of school!!!  Two weeks off and so excited!!!  Just a few pictures...

We took Devyn and Sam to a train exhibit.  Devyn had more fun just playing outside.  She wasn't really into the trains.  I brought her 12 month snow pants on accident but she insisted on wearing them, so she was walking around with floods.  It was pretty funny.   You can't really see but it really is a cute picture.

Devyn LOVES to pose for pictures with Sam.  We hardly have any of just Sam because she is always running into the picture!!  Poor Sam just doesn't know what to think.  We got him a 6 month hat and couldn't even get it on that huge head of his.  He is wearing a 12 month hat this winter and JUST turned 5 months.

Devyn had a pretty big fall the other day.  We were at Kelly's house and she was running around and ran into the wall.  She immediately puked afterward.  She is okay now but has a pretty decent bruise.

Devyn's teacher sent me this picture today!!  I about died.  So cute!!!

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is it break yet?!!

This has been the LONGEST week EVER!!!  Is it break yet?!!?  The kids at school are insane right now and I can't wait for next Weds.  It can't come fast enough!!  I never understood how teachers needed or wanted a break cuz the rest of the world doesn't get one!  I get it now!!  Being around 25 kids who are wild and already mentally checked out is exhausting.

Devyn had the flu this week.  She said her stomach hurt, and we didn't really believe her, then she puked all over the stairs.  So my mom had her for the day!  I think Devyn had fun because today when it was time for school she said "Wait, I am not going to school.  I am going to Baba's house."  Sorry to disappoint kiddo!!  But Baba does have Sam today!  The poor kid has been at the doctor more times than I can count. He had a breathing treatment at the doctor today.  Then was sent home with an inhaler and medicine.  Poor kid.  Hopefully he gets better fast.

Here are some pics of the kids!

Check me out in my new ride!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  Never thought that I would be in a minivan but I am in love with it.  I have so much room and I am higher than everyone else so I can see everything!!  Its great!  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekend Pics!!!

We had such a great weekend!!  We drove to St. Louis to see the Briggs Family!!  The car ride was 5 hours and the kids were AWESOME!!  We didn't even stop on the way there.  We had such a great time and Devyn and Jacob took about 30 seconds to be BFFs again!  I honestly have never seen her play with another kid the way she plays with Jacob.  I love them together.  We miss you guys already, Thank you for such an awesome weekend!!

Devyn and Sam!!  Sam is such a chub.  We took him to the doctor yesterday because he is so stuffed up!!  Basically he has a cold on top of a cold and there is nothing that they can do!!  But he gained 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks so we have to stop giving him so much cereal and start giving him more fruits and veggies.  Last night was his first time with applesauce and he loved it.  I gave it to him again this morning and he wasn't so sure.